Maggie’s Organics – A Michigan company with a global perspective

When Maggie’s Organics says that they are a socially conscious company … they mean it!  From adhering to “Real Fair Trade” principles to complete supply chain transparency, to facilitating the highest worker standards in the garment business, Maggie’s puts environmental and social responsibility higher than their peers.


At Maggie’s, we believe that there is no environmental sustainability without social responsibility.

It is impossible to separate the environmental concerns of garment production from its social impacts. Many hands contribute to the making of garments: from the farmers who harvest the raw agricultural crops; to the spinners who make the yarn and the knitters who knit the fabric; to the sewers who cut and sew the garments. We believe that every worker is entitled to a safe working environment and an honest day’s wages, and also an active voice in their future.fair-trade-maggies-organics-labor.jpg

In a world laden with sweatshop labor and unethical treatment of workers, Maggie’s offers an alternative. Using a fair trade model, we promote and monitor the practices of our business partners in several ways:

  • Requiring full disclosure of working conditions and production standards. Using an annual questionnaire tailored to each prospective contractor and supplier, we demand disclosure of company policies, wages, benefits, and procedures pertaining to sustainability and fair labor practices. (Contact us for details)
  • Making on – site visits. We visit each facility and interview workers as well as management, both before initiating a contract and during our on-going relationship with vendors. To insure that workers rights and needs are respected, we interact with them directly, including interaction with workers independent of management.
  • Establishing ongoing relationships with partners to develop environmentally sustainable practices. Maggie’s aims to collaborate with partners to constantly improve the ways we manufacture, print, package, market, and more. By inspiring our manufacturers to implement more sustainable and responsible procedures into their businesses, we feel we can really have an impact.


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