SNOOKIZ – Microwaveable Heating Footwear

Snookiz is unique with its ability to integrate cutting-edge solutions into fashionable, practical and comfortable products; all in order to personalize your heating needs.
Completing 18 months of careful planning, “Snookiz” ® is proud to present a new technology for microwavable heating products: LavaTech Inside™ Technology.


Lavatech inside™ technology.

Lavatech inside™ is a technology that combines three natural earth substances that absorb heat.
Lavatech® is integrated in our microwavable footwear line of slippers and socks.
Lavatech® is coated on a layer of fabric on one side and becomes the inner sole of the slipper.
Lavatech® maintains its flexible characteristics during heating, pleasant to walk and adjusted to the foot and the slipper’s sole. Yet, the feeling is the same as any other slipper.
Lavatech® is a unique technology that allows us to coat any shape of fabric in order to transform heat. It is odorless and harmless proving pleasant, smooth and cozy experience.
Lavatech inside™ Machine Washable. Lavatech inside™ Resistance does not harm the product during washing.
Look for the Lavatech inside™ label

Personalized Heating

Heating your body locally, efficiently, and repeatedly:
Locally- it is possible to design heating product for each part of your body such as: joints, muscles, single and multiple areas separately or together.
Efficiently- you control the heating level you want or need. 45 seconds in the microwave = 20-30 minutes of warm cozy Snookiz!
Repeatedly- there is no limitation for heating the product. Easily reheat as many times as you want.

Environment Friendly – Lavatech inside™using natural earth substances.

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